Ivory Wallpaper

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It is altogether too easy to overlook or forget that power of the color we might call ivory. This off-white shade can create an amazing array of tones or atmospheres when put to use in a design scheme. It can create a sort of antiquated look, it might create airiness or a sense of light, it can even be the foundation for a sleek, modern look when it is partnered with black prints or patterns. It is why the ivory wallpaper gallery at Burke Décor should become your go-to resource when looking for that perfect way to inject ivory into your domestic or commercial space.

Some of the most frequently selected styles in ivory wallpaper from Burke Décor may be surprising. After all, you might guess that striped prints, textured papers and low-key designs are the most frequently selected, but this is not the case. Instead, bold geometrics, impressive textured papers and faux looks, ikat designs, and modern takes on old-fashioned or distressed prints are among the most popular. Grasscloth, toile, florals and patterned leathers are also some of the most frequently chosen designs.

This proves just how flexible and important ivory has to be in any design scheme, and if the furnishings and accents have become too heavy in one or two dominant shades, wisely chosen ivory wallpaper can easily save the whole design. Interestingly, one of the most popular and long-lasting trends is the use of an embossed or pressed tin style of wallpaper. The Burke Décor gallery of ivory options in this style is immense, and will be the perfect domestic or commercial choice in almost any sort of room. Giving a distinctly shabby chic finish, these papers are often easy to wash and keep looking as good as new - even though they are in a shade of ivory.

Other design trends include lots of classic Moorish influences where lighter hues serve as a background while the pattern emerges in the lovely ivory hue, and of course little printed patterns on an ivory background are also perennial favorites. How will you use ivory wallpaper in your setting? If you know you want one of the Burke Décor options, but not sure how to use it, look at the recommended pairings and other details in the product listings. These offer valuable insight into some of the latest trends, but also show home or professional decorators how to put ivory hues or textures effectively into their plans.

Ivory is one of the most versatile neutral colors available, but it also adds the perfect balance for any décor. Our ivory wallpapers feature solid colors, geometric designs and lovely patterns that add the perfect accent to your home. Whether you want neutral for balance, or you want to showcase special designs and color choices, ivory wallpaper is the perfect inspiration.