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Colorful Backgammon Set


Architect's Cubes




Checkmate Chess Board


Zig & Go 45 Piece Set


Burke Decor's fun board games are great for parties or giving as a house warming gift. Vintage favorites include Slinky, Jenga, Pick Up Sticks, Pinball & Yo-Yo! This collection of games and puzzles will bring you back to your childhood. Before the days of iPads, Game Boys, Playstation, and Wii. Games like Checkers, Chess, Scrabble and Go Fish can help you bring some fun to your next family night. With their unique retro packaging, these games also make great gifts. Introduce younger generations to classic games like Chinese CheckersDominoesChess, Backgammon, Jacks, and Table Tennis, just to name a few.

This collection features items from creators like Wild & Wolf, Bob’s Your Uncle, Izola, Interlude Home, and imm Living. Playing solo? Check out the classic Ridley’s harmonica, or the fun magic kits that can help you remember how much you loved sleight of hand tricks when you were a kid. Teach yourself to juggle or take on an opponent with dueling water zappers – simple water pistols redone with retro “ray gun” designs that make a boring summer day the most fun you’ve had in ages.

As with every Burke Décor collection, these items are as beautiful as they are fun. Made in fun designs that draw the eye and add style to any room, you’ll be able to display your new fun items to add some quirky charm to your space. Wooden spinning tops in bright primary stripes would look perfect in a basket on the coffee table, or keep Wild & Wolf’s blocky, streamlined chess board on display for an impromptu game anytime.

Burke Décor offers free shipping on orders over $50 to the 48 contiguous states. Stock up on gifts for the next holiday or fill your own home with fun. With puzzles and games around every corner, you’ll never be stuck scrolling through Netflix the next time you need a little distraction. Love a challenge? Try one of the unique puzzles or challenge a friend to a game of “Four in a Row”. Choose a retro version with wooden discs, or Wild & Wolf’s fun marble version. Decorate your secret getaway with cosmic glowing stars or kill time at your desk with a classic gyroscope.

All of the games from Burke Décor are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face, no matter their age. The games may be “retro”, but fun is always relevant.