Faux Leather Wallpaper

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Faux Leather Wallpaper

Leather signifies many things: designer bags, rock ‘n roll, and high-end sports cars, for example. The natural grain and beautiful coloring of leather balance warmth with glamor to create the ultimate luxury space. Burke Décor’s faux leather wallpapers allow you to fill your space with timeless style, without harming any animals. From an office, dining room, or man cave, to a bedroom, master bath, or art gallery, leather adds instant class to any space.

Achieving the perfect look with leather is easy because of leather’s always-trendy appeal. Dress it up with formal furnishings for a classic, traditional look that works perfectly in a masculine bedroom or an office space. Add glamorous feminine details to create a space that feels like living inside your favorite designer handbag. Any way you choose to define your space, Burke Décor’s faux leather wallpaper can complement the look perfectly. And because leather never goes out of style, it’s a great investment if you ever intend to sell. Buyers or renters won’t be able to resist the warmth, depth, and faux texture created by this wallpaper.

Choose a quilted leather look in red, white, grey, pink, or classic black or brown, for either a traditional or feminine look. A basket weave leather wallpaper in medium brown works perfectly in both a boho space or a rustic western lodge. Crocodile leather makes space feel beautifully luxe, while an elegant tiled leather wallpaper in a diamond pattern creates texture in a traditional dining space. With wallpapers from designers such as Milton & King, Nuloom, York Wallcoverings, BD Fine Wallcoverings, and more, Burke Décor allows you to find exactly the right leather wallpaper for your room.

Burke Décor’s wallpapers are always produced in small batches, so your space is uniquely elegant. No other room will ever look exactly like yours. With high-quality materials and an attention to detail that ensures these wallpapers are impeccable, Burke Décor goes beyond a simple wallpaper, offering you a truly luxurious accent for your space. Browse the faux leather wallpaper collection to discover how many ways you can make your space rival even the most innovative designer rooms.