Cork Wallpaper

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Cork Wallpaper

Cork is usually thought of as a flooring material, but you can now cover your walls in its beautiful natural texture, thanks to Burke Décor’s collection of cork wallpaper. Cork gained popularity in the home décor industry thanks to its sustainability, and its similarity to hardwood in appearance and function. Now, you can utilize this look in your entire space. From natural, distressed cork wallpapers that show off the grain and texture of cork patterns, to smoother, more sophisticated cork patterns that keep your walls subtle, there is something for everyone in this collection from Burke Décor.

Designers such as Seabrook Wallcoverings and York Wallcoverings have created these cork wallpapers, making it easy for you to get the look of cork without the expense or work. Simply browse through Burke Décor’s collection of papers to find exactly the right texture, color scheme, design, and style. Try an elegant gold burst pattern for a bright touch in a traditional space, or opt for a classic black and silver pattern that is perfect for everything from offices to formal dining rooms. Consider contemporary patterns such as polka dots, or art Baroque-inspired damask patterns against a natural cork grain appearance, for rooms that are totally unique.

Want something that stands out even more? Try giving your mancave a tough edge with a cork grain wallpaper that features heavy distress marks. Burke Décor also carries unique cork wallpaper with metallic accents to give your space some glamor. Cover your study walls with a classic corkboard wallpaper to bring back memories of academic life, or give your hip kitchen or dining space a rustic appearance with cork wallpaper in contrasting browns and creams.

All of Burke Décor’s wallpapers are created in small batches, so your room will never look like anyone else’s space. And thanks to the highest quality materials and a meticulous attention to detail in every stage of production, you’ll be adding luxury and value to your room when you install these wallpapers. Browse Burke Décor’s collection of cork wallpapers to see how many ways you can bring the natural beauty of cork into your space.