Black and White Wallpaper

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Black and White Wallpaper

For only involving the two most basic of colors, there is something about the classic combination of black and white that speaks to almost any style. It can be used in bold, traditional prints to create a masculine feel, or in soft, contemporary prints to infuse a space with something more delicate. Whether you want your room to feel like a work of art, or you want to give the space a powerful formality, Burke Décor’s line of modern black and white wallpaper is a perfect choice.

With designer wallpapers from brands like Aimee Wilder, Graham and Brown Wallpaper, Jill Malek, Milton & King, Seabrook Wallcoverings, and more, Burke Décor offers you beautiful choices for any space. Go with a textured brocade pattern for a Victorian feel, or try out a whimsical polka-dot pattern for a contemporary space. The black and white palette makes your polka dots feel super chic without adding stuffiness to your room. Contemporary black Wallpaper and white wallpapers are perfect for dressing up a focal wall or making a small powder room, entryway, waiting area, or other smaller space feel grand and elegant.

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Choose a wallpaper with a modern art print to show off your creative flair, or go with classic black and white stripes to evoke an urban sense of sophistication. Burke Décor also carries black and white pattern wallpaper that is perfect for teens, featuring fun prints that would look great on a focal wall or in their bath. Several of Burke Décor’s black and white wallpapers also features a more natural cream coloring, perfect for those who want to warm up their space without losing the classic color combination they love so much.

From geometric patterns that would dress up a bathroom, to flowing black and white floral wallpaper that offer an organic style, there are many ways this wallpaper can make your space feel professionally designed. High-quality materials and an attention to detail mean that these wallpapers will look and feel like a luxury. Browse Burke Décor’s line of modern black and white wallpapers to discover how many ways this simple color palette can be used to create the perfect space.