3D Wallpaper for Walls

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3D Wallpaper to Decor for your walls

3D wallpapers give the illusion of added depth. This collection features pattern and texture designs such as wood piles, bookshelves, and bricks!

Browse our eclectic collection of 3D Wallpaper designs for your home that will trick the eye but delight the viewer by creating the illusion of more space. You can easily add depth and intrigue to any room by using our graphics 3D wallpaper for walls in your home. Our collection includes kid-friendly patterns, featuring building blocks, macaroons and more, as well as more elegant 3D designs that play with texture and material such as quilted fabrics, concrete, tin, and brick. Once installed, our modern 3D wallpaper creates the illusion that the wall has more than two dimensions, therefore adding space and texture to an environment.

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We love how 3D wallpaper can really make an accent wall pop, but feel free to use this type of wallpaper to cover an entire room for maximum effect. The quilted fabric designs by Annet Van Egmond look fabulous in a darker space such as a den, small living room or the infamous man cave. Van Egmond thinks of wallpaper as a modern-day tapestry and the designs give us a modern version of traditional interior design techniques. Something else we love about 3D wallpaper is that it can cover up minor wall damage and imperfections (although we do recommend installing wallpaper on as smooth a surface as possible). All of our contemporary 3D wallpaper for home décor is created using the most modern technology, including state-of-the-art scanning techniques to create images and graphics that will improve the look of any space.

Some of our 3D wallpaper is award-winning, like our Scrapwood Wallpaper that won the ICFF New York Editors Award in 2011 and was featured in national publications like the New York Times and Country Living Magazine. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $50 with delivery to the 48 contiguous United States.